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Hi There!

Hello visitors. For quite a while now, I’ve been thinking of setting up a bit of a personal website for myself. A couple of days ago, I finally went ahead and bought a domain and host, and now I’ve got this basic webpage up. Nothing too flashy, but it does the job, which is all I wanted really. There’s not too much going on just yet, but over time I’ll put more stuff on here. :)


Pretty much the only thing of interest up for now is a new download page for the Flyff Cash Shop Set Viewer program.


For those who don’t know, it’s a 3D model viewer program for a game called Fly For Fun, which I began writing back in late 2009, and updated now and then over the two years following. Purely by coincidence, today was actually exactly one year to the day since I last updated it (1st Dec 2011). Yes, it has been a while.


For now at least, I probably won’t be doing any more updates to it, since I have other stuff I’m doing with my time. But if I ever do get around to updating it further, the newest version will always be here at this website.


I stopped playing Fly For Fun a few years ago now, simply because I, as well as other friends of mine who played the game, got bored with it. I also wasn’t too happy with the direction the game had taken after the many updates it had.


At the moment, I’m playing a game called League of Legends, which I usually play when a few friends and I are online and not busy. The game is quite popular now, so chances are you might have heard the name before, even if you know nothing about it.


If you are interested, I occasionally upload gameplay videos to my youtube channel (usually full matches, which tend to go for 20-40 min or so). I’m not a super great player at all, but I guess I like uploading videos as memories of time spent playing with my friends.


In my spare time recently, I’ve also been working on my own game. Nothing groundbreaking; just a really small and simple time-waster game, since I was in the mood to start coding a game. Once it’s ready, that’ll be put up here on the site as well. I’ll give some more details on that later though.


Well, I suppose that’s it. Have a nice day!

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