About Me

My name is Shane Swenson and I am a software developer from Melbourne, Australia.

Throughout university study, as well as in my own time, I’ve gained skills in a number of programming languages, such as C/C++ and Java; script languages such as Perl and Python; and web languages such as HTML and PHP. I also have an interest in real-time 3D graphics, and have some experience with OpenGL (using GLUT and SDL) and GLSL, as well as the open source Irrlicht and Ogre3D graphics engines.

I first came into contact with computer programming at the age of 6, and I’ve enjoyed it ever since. I love the challenge that comes with creating solutions to problems that work correctly and efficiently, with code that is written to be fast and reusable.

I’m an easy-going guy who is able to explain technical concepts to non-technical people in ways that they can understand. Because of this, in high school, students and teachers alike looked to me for advice.

In my spare time, I’m also a gamer. I have an interest in many genres of games, but in particular, I enjoy point-and-click adventure games that require clever thinking and problem solving in order to progress; and puzzle games that make you want to pull your hair out as you try to solve a puzzle, but give you that ‘ahhh’ feeling once you work out the solution.

In 2011 I graduated from RMIT University with a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, majoring in Application Programming. Now, I’m looking to start my professional software developer career.

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