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Flyff Cash Shop Viewer – Update released

A new version of the program has been released – version 2.1, revision 1019. The tool now supports Flyff version 19 (Gold). You can now download the newest version here.


There are a couple of other minor changes as well. You can find these in the changelog.txt file in the program folder.


Please note that older versions before Flyff Gold are no longer supported. A link to the old version which should support Flyff version 9 through to 18 is still at that page if you need it.


Also, revision 1016 will not detect the new version as I don’t have access to where it’s pointing to when it checks for updates any more. The update check will work again from this new version though.

Flyff Cash Shop Viewer – working again

Well, I got the program working again. Wasn’t that hard. Most of my time was actually spent on remembering c++. I don’t use it at all nowadays really since I am spoilt on using easy languages at my job like c#, keke.


I will make a few other small changes before releasing. You can expect it in maybe 1 or 2 days.

Flyff Cash Shop Viewer – currently not working

I have had several people email me to let me know that this tool is no longer working on the newest version of Flyff. Thank you all for letting me know.


I will attempt to update the program to work with the new Flyff client, but please understand it has been a few years since I have touched the tool or the game, so I can’t provide any time frame or if I will even be successful.


If you have any info on what might have changed with the format of the game files, feel free to email me at reiko (at) as this will assist me with fixing it faster.



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