Flyff Cash Shop Set and Model Viewer

Current Version – Version 2.1, revision 1019 (19th November 2015)


Note: This application was originally hosted at, but the link to the page there is dead now. So the official site for this application is now here on my own website. I’m not sure how many page-views it had in the end, but the last time I checked it, the number was over 130,000.


Update (19/Nov/2015): The newest version now supports Flyff version 19 (Gold). However due to the nature of the update, older versions of Flyff are no longer supported. If you need to see models for older versions of Flyff, please use revision 1016. You can find the link at the bottom of the page.






This program is a model viewer for the online game Fly For Fun. It allows you to see a 3D view of just about all the models from the game, including player characters, clothes, armor, weapons, NPCs, monsters, pets and so on.

When viewing player characters, you can mix and match combinations of different clothes (hat, suit, gloves and boots) to see how they go together. This allows you to see how they would look on your character before you actually buy them in-game.

The program has received good reception from the game’s community and its server administrators.

Currently, this program is no longer maintained.


Installation Instructions


Step 1: Download

Download the program using the ‘Download’ button at the bottom of this page.


Step 2: Extraction

Open the file (the downloaded file is a ZIP archive).

– If you have Zip software such as WinRAR, WinZip, 7zip or so on installed on your computer, the file will be opened up in your default program. From there, you can click on the “extract to” or “extract all” button, or whatever your program calls it.

– If you do not have any of the previously mentioned programs, then it will open up in what appears to be a regular Windows folder, but it actually isn’t. Don’t run the “csview.exe” file from here. What you need to do is press the “Extract all files” button at the top. I believe this is built into Windows since at least Windows XP.

– If you really can’t open it at all, then download 7zip here, as it’s the free one out of the three programs I mentioned earlier, and then try to open the downloaded .zip file again.

Either way, when you go to extract the files, you will be prompted to choose a folder to extract the files to.  You can extract the program to anywhere on your computer, as long as you remember where you put it. I’ve heard of some people in the past extracting the program to the Flyff game folder – you don’t need to do this!


Step 3: Opening the program

You only need to do the extraction step once. Once the program is extracted, whenever you want to open the program, in Windows Explorer, navigate to the folder where you extracted the program to and open csview.exe to run the program. If you wanted to, you could create a shortcut on your desktop to this file.

You can now delete the original .zip file you downloaded if you wish.


How To Use The Program


First use

The first time you open the program, you will be shown the Settings window. Here, you will need to tell the program where your Flyff game client is installed. Click the ‘Browse’ button and select the folder. Note that this should be the base ‘Flyff’ folder and not the ‘Model’ folder or anything under it. After doing so, click OK to proceed. If everything went okay, you should now see a naked character in front of you, with various options at the right.

Side note: The program language will default to Russian if Windows is set to use Russian locale, or French if set to French locale. All other regions default to English. You can change the language now if you wish. This setting affects only the program text, and not the names of items or models from the game (these names are obtained from the Flyff client). Note that French and Russian translations have not been fully updated, so there will still be some English text in both (the Russian translation has more progress than the French).


Selecting the model type

Using the drop down box in the upper right corner, you can choose between Character, Item, Monster, NPC and Pet. This changes the available options below it. The options available will be relevant to the model type.


Selecting character attributes, clothing and equipment

You can select the character’s gender, face, hair, hair colour and items using the tabs at the right. Note that these options are only visible when using the Character model type.


Adjusting the camera

You can rotate the camera by holding down the right mouse button and dragging.

You can zoom in and out by using the mouse wheel.

You can also use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to rotate, zoom and pan the camera.


Saving/reloading the character

You can export the character with all the settings you have chosen to a code. To do this, go to the File menu and select Export Character To Code. This will give you a code that you can save in a file or paste to your friends.

You can reload the character which you have a code for, by going to the File menu and selecting Import Character From Code.

Here is a sample code for you to try:



Viewing extra model data

While the Hovering Model Shows Details option is enabled (default), hovering the mouse over a model will show extra details. This can include: Model filename; texture filename; as well as item stats, such as level requirement, defense, etc.

Additionally, while the model for a monster is selected, data such as level, element and other stats; are shown at the right. This is shown no matter whether the Hovering Model Shows Details option is enabled or not.




Error when selecting Flyff folder

Make sure you choose the base ‘Flyff’ folder, and not one of the folders under it such as ‘Model’. Please note that this program was designed to work with the Official Flyff client. If you are playing on a private server, and if the developers of that private server have encrypted or changed the item or model files in some way, unfortunately this program won’t be able to work correctly with that Flyff client. This is out of my control.


Models appear higher quality in the CS Viewer program than in-game

By default, the program uses the highest quality model and texture settings. It also has anisotropic filtering and anti-aliasing enabled by default, which both improve the graphics quality. If you use lower quality settings in-game, then you can lower the CS Viewer’s quality settings by going to the Options menu, then to Settings, and lowering the settings under Device Settings and Render Settings to match the ones used in your game client.


Models appear coloured white

If models appear white, try turning down the Texture Quality setting by going to the Options menu, then to Settings, then to Render Settings and lowering the Texture Quality setting. Alternatively, you can try updating to the latest video drivers which can be obtained at the manufacturer of your video card’s website. Also, try updating to the newest version of the DirectX End User Runtimes, which can be downloaded from the Microsoft website.


Known Bugs/Issues


Animations and elemental glows

Options for selecting animations and elemental glows are there as place holders. They are not yet implemented, and so selecting these options does nothing for now.

* Placeholder list boxes have now been removed in the latest version.


Reflective items

Reflective items (for example, Ancient Shield) are currently rendered without their reflective surfaces.


Korean Flyff clients

The font used by the program does not support Korean text. If you use this program with the Korean verison of Flyff, item names will be blank. To work around this, create a blank file in the Flyff client folder called “propItem.txt.txt”. This will cause the cash shop viewer program to use the item IDs in the list instead. Just make sure to delete the blank “propItem.txt.txt” file from your Korean Flyff client later on if you plan to actually play it, as having this file in the folder may cause issues with the game.


Issue with some low level hats

A few low level hats are not drawn correctly in the latest version, though most of them work fine. Use the previous version at the bottom of the page if you need to see these.


System Requirements


OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 (Windows 10 untested but it might work)

Video Card: Anything compatible with DirectX 9.0c. If your computer can run the game, it shouldn’t have a problem with this application.

Requires Fly For Fun game client to be installed. Models and textures are read from the game client folder, and are not bundled with the program (or the size would be huge).


Questions, comments, suggestions, bug reports?


If you have any questions, suggestions or bugs to report, feel free to contact me.


Download Flyff Cash Shop Set Viewer

(Version 2.1, Revision 1019. Size: 2.14mb – MD5: e0a3bbcc5456958b5f4b1bd006d877f8)


Previous Version – Version 2, revision 1016 (1st December 2011)

This is the last version that supports Flyff clients before version 19 (Gold). If you need to see models from an older version of Flyff, use this previous version (Size: 2.01mb – MD5: fe49fe96040ea3a71da94d967fd1253d). This version should work for Flyff version 9 through to 18.


Older Version – Version 2, revision 964 (7th November 2011)

In the most recent version, an issue exists with rendering a few of the low level hats, though most of them work fine. If you need to see these, use this older version (Size: 2.01mb – MD5: 8623eca76674782965364c2efd5abe39). Note that Flyff version 19 (Gold) is not supported in this version.


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